Sa´Sen Yin Association

Ria Panen Godesberg

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Our intention is to inspire people to self-healing and make them independent, to find their way back to themselves and love and respect themselves to enable them to live a life in health. We help the person to carry the responsibility over their state of wellbeing so they can become independent from therapists.
We do this through seminars and private sessions. We use the Sa'Sen Yin-method for this. The Sa’Sen Yin-Association teaches the Sa'Sen Yin-method throughout the whole world. The association together with the Sa'Sen Yin centre resides in the Volcanic Eifel. Here also Ria teaches people how to work therapeutically. Before it was situated on Ibiza-island. The island is governed by the planet Pluto, which causes the deepest in us to surface and confronts us with it.

This creates the best requirements to work on oneself. However, Ria carries this quality within herself, which moves people to look at what is important for them within themselves and helps them further, all in a loving atmosphere. Her therapists are trained in the same way. The Sa'Sen Yin treating-method offers all seekers, young and old, the possibility to experience awakening and healing that lies beyond words, in LOVE. It is practical and very effective.


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