Sa'Sen Yin Program 2019

Seminars, Conferences, information about courses and retreats with Ria Panen Godesberg in Germany and on Ibiza.

In Germany

In Überlingen at the lake of Konstanz

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On thursday the 04 of July Ria gives a conference at 20.00 : "The Art of Enjoying" and on Saturday 06 of July from 10.00-18.00 the seminar "Root, sacral Chakra, solar plexus and heart Chakra". .

On Thursday evening the 11 of July we talk about "Sex". Beginning at 20.00.

On Saturday, July 13, from 10.00-18.00, Ria will give the second part of the Chakra seminar "Heart, throat, third eye and crown-chakra". It´s also possible to book only one seminar.

Retreat with horses in the Eifel from 13 of September to 15 . One place left



On Ibiza

Discover your sexuality through the use of colour – 08.06.19-15.06.19 - takes place on Ibiza, 2 places left

In this retreat you will find out about your sexual traumas, about what you want or don't want, what your ideas about sexuality are and what you find tolerable and intolerable. We will look at what your idea of a woman is, being a woman, or as a man, being a man. If you like, you can let go of established ideas and find your own values. In this retreat the language spoken will be German. If you would like a retreat in English and you have a group, contact Ria. This is a 5 days retreat staying a week 8th-15th June 2019, with facial and other exercise in the morning to prepare for the painting in the afternoon.

And then from 5-12 October in Ibiza, there will be the retreat: "Finding out how angels work by using colors". This is the first of a series of retreats in which we will explore and learn to understand how different higher or extrasensorial powers work. Since the retreats are booked up quickly, book your place fast. The retreats take place in a wonderful house in the quiet countryside of Ibiza with a small forest, pool and terraces to sit outside in the shade. Organic vegan lunch and dinner are served during the 5 working days. This retreat has got 4 vacancies still and will be spoken in German.

For more Information about all events and The Course as well as bookings please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Meeting with women for women in consciousness:

A new meeting will probably take place in winter 2019.

Many women live their life as if they were a conditioned product of generations of women through history. We are not always aware of this, yet it is noticeable as underlying dissatisfaction. 

We are not "just" woman; we are a human being with potential, that screams to be lived and play a role in the world. 

In this group we will discover together where we are conditioned, how we can break through these patterns and how we can evolve ourselves, so that the evolution of mankind becomes enriched through our potential!! All women are very welcome!!