Sa'Sen Yin Program 2019

My gift: a series of 18 meditations that you can find as a collection under a dropbox link under books and more...

Also under this link you will find a series of videos for meditations and exercises, many of them short, for your own healing and the healing of all creation.

In English, German and Spanish language

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On 20 and 21 June 2020 an online seminar will take place with the 5 best Sa'Sen Yin coaches: Ria Panen Godesberg, Sharon Loerzer, Amina Bender, Corinna Wagner and Giulia Campinotti. This time it will be organized by Giulia, so please register and pay directly on her website.

Here follows the program:

Ria will start (english-spanish) the seminar with deep work in the chakras, while at the same time explaining where they are situated and what they stand for. With this work you will prepare your own vibrational state and raise it, so you will even be better prepared for the whole seminar.

Ria will finish the seminar (english-german) with the theme “incarnation” which will give your mind the possibility to start thinking in a far wider range, leaving behind a conditioned believe system. You will understand more why we are here on earth and what is happening.

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Sharon talks about: The gift behind our blockages (English-Spanish). Behind every blockage lies something that we need for our learning, growth and well-being. The blockage can look like anger, fear, depression, busy-ness, stress or illness. Here we will visit what happens when we pass through the density of the blockage and find what lies awaiting. This will make it easier to move forward bringing new energy to your life.

And: Being the guardian of our next generation (English-Spanish) This workshop is for ALL of us, as we are each of us part of the environment that is influencing and creating the coming generations on this planet. Being a biological parent is one way, yet it is not the only way. You will see how you yourself can be part of the long-term parenting of the young people of today, and make a better world THROUGH the next generation, not just FOR them.

With "Free yourself from inner pressure" Amina will guide you through a deep process in which you will look at what is causing you pressure, how and where you put yourself under pressure and how you can let go to regain your original freedom. (English-German)

With "From Control to Trust" Amina will accompany you in a way that you can feel and see where you try to maintain control, how you can let go to gain more trust and be more able to stand up for yourself. (English-German)

In Corinna's first workshop What your hands have to tell you you will discover what your hands have to tell you. Through this work you can learn to be more free and grateful with yourself. You will need a book, 2 sheets of white A4 paper and colour pencils. (English-German)

Corinna will guide you through the experience of the outer space to your own inner space. You will learn how to anchor yourself there more firmly in order to stand better and more relaxed in your place in life. You need to be alone in a room and have paper and pencil with you. (English-German)

Giulia gives the two workshops: Where do your inner limits come from? (English-Spanish) We work from the heart and sacral chakra with our inner limits through body movements, while guided by Giulia and music. We will work on those limits we inherited from our linage, family, society education etc. while seeing and understanding them. Required: a yoga mat, a carpet or a bed with some space on the side.

Find your real self (English -Spanish) Understanding all that you really are, much far beyond your emotions and blockages of your body that limit you. Needed: a yoga mat, a carpet or a bed as well as a scarf or something to cover your eyes.

Seminars, Conferences, information about courses and retreats with Ria Panen Godesberg in Germany and on Ibiza.

Ich 13If all goes well, Ria will fly and drive again to Überlingen, Germany in July. She will give the seminar: The different impact of our society on women and men on Saturday July from 10.00-18.00.

In this seminar we will look at how society is shaped, how it affects women and men differently, why women and men are unhappy and what we can change in ourselves to help change this society from the bottom up.

Also two lectures are planned, one is: Everything has a soul and will take place on Thursday evening July 16th at 8 pm and Thursday evening July 23rd at 8 pm: What meaning do colours have in our lives?

Also a new beginning of "The Course" will take place in Überlingen again. Register with Corinna Wagner.

The Ibiza retreat in June is unfortunately cancelled, because it is not yet possible for non-Spanish people to enter the country in June.

On Ibiza

Retreat spanish/english spoken: 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30 October 2020: Discover yourself through the use of colour.

In this retreat we meditate, do exercise to loosen up and prepare so we can go deeply into ourselves and through painting discover till now hidden parts of ourselves as to paintretreatstand better in our strength and gain security. If All participants have lived together in a previous life, we will have a look at this incarnation through the akashic records. There are still some vacancies. If you understand spanish but you speak easier english you can join this retreat also.

For information and bookings for any event spoken in english or spanish get in contact with Giulia Campinoti: 0034 646 78 85 72

For more Information about all events and The Course spoken in german  as well as bookings please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.