English Testimonial

Feedback Home-Seminar Autumn 2021 Fear, Our Mood and Our Body

…I know that words cannot fully capture the depth and width of all that happened!
In this seminar  I experienced a profound change in my relationship towards myself and the world. Ria guided us to work consciously through places and processes within that are mostly left untended, and so for that reason could be constantly creating inner conflict and fear.
By working through my body, my emotions and my essence simultaneously, all aspects of me have joined into a single sense of Self. Using the mediums of painting, writing and meditating for each process brought me swiftly and simply to the core. Fear is no longer my guide.
I am deeply grateful for Ria’s love, compassion and delicacy while helping us evolve, through putting our fears and emotions into a far bigger perspective. I feel strong, happy and equipped to navigate future moments of fear and emotional upset. I can stay more centred in my true Self and enjoy Life here on Earth! With heartfelt thanks, Sharon Loerzer


Ria, it’s been over ten years since I came to you first time. When I met you, I was impressed with the healing you brought about in me, with the love that I experienced so real for the first time in my life, with your clear sight. Especially because I had been “everywhere” without positive results. Yet now, 10 years later, I must say I am impressed and find it remarkable that you could grow even more. Your love and your skill, your understanding and strength have even amazingly, wonderfully and almost incredibly increased... (R.S.2001)