Ria Panen Godesberg

Ria's Curriculum Vitae and how she works

A meeting with Ria Panen Godesberg changes your life. The contact with her causes more consciousness and through her loving and direct sight she helps you to become clearer, happier and more determined in your life. The essence of her work is to help people to find to a profound state of Love, Consciousness and Clarity and to show people the way to their inner Being, so that they, bit by bit, will be able to live their full potential.

ria neuRia Panen Godesberg  is a spiritual master. Her goal is to show people the way to their inner Being, so that bit by bit they can discover and live their full potential. It's about holistic health, also about the fisical wellbeing of people. People who seek Ria's guidance, learn to heal themselves in a holistic way. Ria is the founder and creator of the Sa'Sen Yin training, which is also the centre for the Sa’Sen Yin non-methodic therapy-method. Basically a not-method as it shows each person her/his very own path. 1987 she developed the first two essential parts of this method: the reintegration-massage and etheric osteopathy. She teaches the entire package which exists of various techniques. The Sa’Sen Yin Method is also used to diagnose and to treat animals, especially horses.

Ria was born clairvoyant and started practising yoga and meditation already at very early age. From 1972 till 1980 she studied anthroposophical curative education and anthroposophical medicine, other kinds of natural medicine as well as oriental massage-techniques. She worked for Greenpeace and founded a health-centre, helped restructuring companies, practised and taught Qigong und T’ai Chi Chuan and was named Zenmaster „Master over Life“ by a non-incarnated lama. Ria worked with people all over the world in private sessions and in groups.

1980 she moved to Ibiza (Spain). There she lives (since 1997 happily married) together with her husband Helmut. Ria has 2 adult daughters.

The many different experiences, together with the great knowledge that she already brought with her into this life, led in 1992 to the development of The Course. "The Course" is the basis for reaching ones Inner Self = Higher Consciousness. 

Nowadays she mainly concentrates on The Course, seminars and conferences and on the training of therapists.