Sa´Sen Yin for all


Discover yourself through the use of colour – takes place on Ibiza

Haus kleinThis is about letting go and a very deep getting to know oneself. And all this imbedded in the special atmosphere and landscape of Ria's island Ibiza.
In the morning we practice Chi Kung and in the afternoon we paint that, what shows itself in the inner processes. The technique of painting does not matter, nor the experience or un-experience of the participants. The retreat takes place in a very quiet, strong location where one would normally have no access to. Also planned is time to bathe in the sea and go to the fleamarket etc.

Maximum 12 participants, Price includes: 
Accomodation in double room in a house with swimming pool, only rented for this group; Flight from Switzerland, rented car on Ibiza (for 5 persons, no individual cars for single people), a rich vegan lunch or dinner per day, material for painting (paper, brushes, paints) 
Traveling to Zürich airport is not included. If you wish to fly from another airport it's not a problem, only you will have to book this yourself and the price will be adjusted.

5 day-retreat
Date 2: 27.10.18-03.11.18_ BOOKED UP

weekend-retreat in the Eifel

"get to know oneself better through horses" from 14.09.18  -16.09.18 _ BOOKED up

Discover your sexuality through the use of colour – takes place on Ibiza

In this retreat you will find out about your sexual traumas, about what you want or don't want, what your ideas about sexuality are and what you find tolerable and intolerable. In this retreat the language spoken will be German. If you would like a retreat in English and you have a group, contact Ria. This is a 5 days retreat staying a week 8th-15th June 2019, with facial and other exercise in the morning to prepare for the painting in the afternoon. 

Voices concerning the paint-retreat in May 2017 and 2018 on Ibiza
"The 5 most intensive seminar days I ever experienced, imbedded in a holiday atmosphere. I returned from Ibiza free, as if cleaned from the inside and fearless. And until today nothing has changed that. This experience is so deep and incomparable that I wish it to every human being." (C.W. 2017) Also from me, especially to you dearest Ria, many many thanks for this deep week so full of deep learning and experiencing and for the possibility to experience so much openness with all in sharing so deeply! (A.B.2018) Also from me thank you so much for this intensive, innerly moving week! (S.F.2018)For me it was an enormous joy and innerly strengthening to be allowed to experience this week dearest Ria. Your clarity helps me to clarify myself and your love is an inspiration to go forward always. Thank you from the depth of my heart. I'm so happy to be allowed to come again in autumn (C.WS.2018)