Sa´Sen Yin for all



Retreats in the english language in the Eifel

All the retreats take place in Bodenbach and for this we will rent a wonderful flat built with ecological materials opposite where Ria lives.


Retreat about the Elementary Beings

The retreat takes place in Bodenbach, Eifel at the 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th June 2023.

It is super important at this time to engage with the elementary beings as they are our help to keep our connection of the parts of our being that make us up as a whole. Without them we are lost, as our body then no longer has the spiritual support it needs for its biological processes AS A HUMAN. Thanks to the elementary beings, our planet exists with everything that makes up our world. It becomes possible for all of us to experience the elementary beings up close (even literally). It explains many things and strengthens us all, nourishes us and makes us aware of how we can live our lives more purposefully and efficiently so that it is better for everyone.

You will be mostly outdoors as most elementary beings are easier to see in nature. However, you will also learn to look in the body as well as in the house etc. as they are there too. Learning to communicate with outer and inner earth elementary beings. We will learn to see or feel all these elementary beings, air and water spirits, etc., as well as the outer and inner earth ones, to communicate with them and to know how to ask them for help or to facilitate other forms of exchange. We also learn to recognise them directly and what they do as far as we can.

Also for those who are not very or not at all clairvoyant, I will show ways to communicate with the elementary beings and to feel them, among other things, by painting.

Good news: for the ones who could not participate in the Retreat about the Elementary Beings, you can order it as a recording from Ria! Be aware, the rocording is in the german language.


Retreat: get to know more about yourself and your fellow human beings through the closeness and, among other things, the observation of the Icelandic horses

In this retreat we might, if all participants have lived a previous life together, look at this on the last day, if the processes from before show this as possible.

Pferd mit FohlenThe reatreat will happen at the 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th of August 2023. We will cook together and think about who will buy and cook what. On Thursday we start at 16.00 until about 18.00. Friday and Saturday from 11.00-18.00 and Sunday the flat has to be left at 14.00. As it is called retreat, there will be no mobile phone use, no TV watching or any other contact with the outside world except for polite greetings on the streets. In this way, the energy stays in the group and with each individual, and deep, enlightening insights and processes take place. So far, everyone has received everything and more than they wished for in these days. Be quick to book as places are limited. And know that if you don't understand something in English, Ria will be happy to translate it into German, Spanish or Dutch if necessary.

You will need a clipboard or something else to write on in DIN A4. As well you will need to bring sturdy shoes and rainwair. We will partially be on the horse meadows. Be quick to book as places are limited.


If you have a group and want a retreat in English, Spanish or Dutch, contact Ria directly.




Voices concerning the paint-retreat in May 2017 and 2018 on Ibiza
"The 5 most intensive seminar days I ever experienced, imbedded in a holiday atmosphere. I returned from Ibiza free, as if cleaned from the inside and fearless. And until today nothing has changed that. This experience is so deep and incomparable that I wish it to every human being." (C.W. 2017) Also from me, especially to you dearest Ria, many many thanks for this deep week so full of deep learning and experiencing and for the possibility to experience so much openness with all in sharing so deeply! (A.B.2018) Also from me thank you so much for this intensive, innerly moving week! (S.F.2018)For me it was an enormous joy and innerly strengthening to be allowed to experience this week dearest Ria. Your clarity helps me to clarify myself and your love is an inspiration to go forward always. Thank you from the depth of my heart. I'm so happy to be allowed to come again in autumn (C.WS.2018)

Note: The reservation of the retreats is binding. In case of cancellations less than 2 months in advance, the full amount is due. By booking a payment of 30 % of the retreat price is due, which in case of cancelation will not be return but retained for adminastrative  costs and booking of the sleeping places expenses.