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Ria's Seminars and Conferences

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The way Ria gives seminars and conferences is very special. She is Zen Master and works with induction, which means, that every person in her presence gets raised to a higher level in a healing area of higher consciousness.

This happens from her Being; it is not something she does or inflicts unto others. Only her presence already causes a state of wellbeing that is incomparable.
The next thing that is very important to Ria: she will never expose someone with her/his weaknesses nor abuse of the trust of a person. She works very personally, also when she works in a group.


  • Seminar „Breakthrough“
  • Seminars for teachers
  • Self-help & Self-healing course
  • Managercoaching and businessseminars.
  • Who/what am I and what is my destiny?
  • Support of the liver and gallbladder
  • Seminar Kidneys and bladder
  • Communication seminar
  • Loving Relationships
  • Mini or short seminar Chakras
  • Mini or short seminar undiscovered possibilities
  • Developing practical clairvoyance
  • Meditation seminar
  • Cleansing-Seminar
  • Live & deal with fear
  • Chi Kung 8 brocades
  • T’ai Chi Chuan
  • The Bach-flower remedy seminar
  • Fire from root- and sacral-chakra
  • Solar Plexus & Heartchakra
  • The Throat Chakra and the unfolding of the personality
  • Third eye and crown chakra
  • Healing of the inner child
  • Yes I will; this is about saying Yes to life, about I-force and willpower
  • Light and shadow
  • Alternative healing methods
  • Taking decisions in Time

If you are interested in Ria's seminars, please contact Shila and Lukas Balfanz


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