Sa´Sen Yin Profesional Training

Etheric Osteopathy

Profesional training after successful participation of The Course
All training is done individually and alone and thus at your own pace. You decide when you feel ready for the respective exam.

You learn the restructuring and, if necessary, the reconstruction of the bone structure and the internal organs, the tissue, etc .; the discovery of the cause of the complaint (s); the total diagnosis and counseling.
Again, the speed of training depends on you. When you are ready to make a good diagnosis with counseling, you will have two or three sessions in Ria's presence, after which, if successful, you will receive a diploma.

For Ria, certain qualities are extremely important in a therapist: they should be flexible and objective, always in the place of love (even in their private lives); leave others free and not try to impose their point of view / opinion on another; they must not talk negatively about others, not even subtly; they should know that this non-methodological method is a way, but not the only way; they should support rather than criticize the people they deal with. Any therapist who does not work this way, even if he / she can present a Sa'Sen Yin diploma, does not work with Ria's approval.

NOTE: The Sa'Sen Yin method does not replace a visit to the doctor or naturopath.


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