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The Course –
is still given by Ria herself, however Amina Bender has taken over most of the groups of "The Course". The Course was developed by Ria. It  is a practical, spiritual, very profound form to work on oneself. The Course is suitable for those who want to learn how to fully live their inner potential and who at the same time want to be initiated into deeper spiritual knowledge. In a short time it brings a significant increase in consciousness and clairvoyance, understanding and happiness.

In The Course you receive "tools" with which you can continue working independently for the rest of your life. Also you cleanse your personality so that you can use the acquired powers properly, with responsibility and love. The Course is a "must" for all people in service situations (parents, teachers, doctors, nurses, policemen, therapists, veterinarians, etc.). However, any person who is reasonably aware of her/his responsibility and purpose in this world will be able to make more of her/his life with "The Course".

The Course is prerequisite for vocational (professional) training in the Sa'Sen Yin non-methodological method. It consists of approximately 15-20 lessons spread over 9-12 months, depending on group dynamics. The course is given in blocks with, if necessary, Threema messages on the smartphone. The time between the lessons is needed for the inner processes to take place and for the person to develop further. The group will be no larger than 6 people, no smaller than 4 and partners or family members will be in different groups so that everyone can express themselves without bias. Ria now only gives the course in the Eifel while Amina Bender has taken over at Lake Constance.

The Course is the most important of the whole Sa'Sen Yin-non-methodological method.

Between the units you are always in the teacher's energy.

Many people take advantage of the benefits of The Course for their inner growth and therefore do it a second and third time, which works very strongly, because it picks everyone up from where she / he stands and each time brings a big developmental step, for oneself and for one's destiny.


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