Sa´Sen Yin Profesional Training

Horse Therapist and further education


Ria mit Fohlen und Halskrause 6For Ria, certain qualities are extremely important in a therapist: they should be flexible and objective, always in the place of love (even in their private lives); leave others free and not try to impose their point of view / opinion on another; they must not talk negatively about others, not even subtly; they should know that this non-methodological method is a way, but not the only way; they should support rather than criticize the people they deal with. Any therapist who does not work this way, even if he / she can present a Sa'Sen Yin diploma, does not work with Ria's approval.

Horse therapist

You learn versatile treatment options especially for horses, in dealing with horses and their owners. Contact Ria Panen Godesberg for more information.

IIf you want to work on your spiritual path and do not know how to proceed, this path is a deep and pleasant way to get ahead. You bring a recording device to record a personalized meditation for you to work on a specific topic for a longer period of time, independent from the therapist.


Learning channeling of personal guide (s). You will gain a deepening of intuition by meditating into deeper layers of your being and discovering your guide. You will learn to consciously perceive your guidance and will feel more clearly which "direction" you should take in your life. You will be able to learn trance meditation and use it in normal waking form.

Individual Training

A personalized training after successful completion of The Course in self-discovery and other processes and clairvoyance. It's all about finding your potential and living this as far as possible. You will notice that everything you learn is instantly practical in your everyday life.

Children therapist

You learn to deal with a group and still approach each person personally. You will be shown where you can still develop so you can confidently face a group. Here you will learn a lot about the nature of children.

Treatment of animals

The Sa 'Sen Yin method is ideal for animals, although in practice the largest clientele are the horses. Especially the Icelandic horses have made themselves felt in Ria's practice. Since this breed of horse shows so little pain and agony, it is often intervened only at a very late moment, and then the imbalance is already well advanced. Here this method helps wonderfully where other methods may no longer help.

Counseling for riders

The rider is told why his horse has certain complaints or difficulties; which equestrian support is required, how he / she can implement that, or even what equestrian weakness the riders should work on.

Rider and Horse

Ria and Helmut often work together when it comes to horses, many riders and horses have come to appreciate their help, because often the difficulties of horses have much to do with riding skills. When rider and horse are brought together well, a fruitful harmony is created for both.

NOTE: The Sa'Sen Yin method does not replace a visit to the doctor or naturopath.


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